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Why You Should Look to Collaborate in Co-working Spaces

Every company who resides within a co-working space should always look to use the facilities and possibilities that those co-working spaces provide as opportunities to grow.

In the case of our co-working space, Glowfish Offices, we make sure that we provide facilities that are both necessary and those that are considered a luxury for a company to have. These include fully decorated common areas, uniquely themed meeting rooms, large conference halls to hold events and a dining hall to eat, meet and chat with a change of pace.

Here are why you should look to widen your horizons

What is near you might be exactly what you need

Need a good copywriter? There might be in the room opposite to yours. Co-working spaces such as Glowfish Offices facilitates like-minded enterprises, but this doesn’t mean that they have to be similar industry-wise. This is why we feel that it is an opportunity cost to not getting to know your work neighbours.

Potential Events

Glowfish Offices makes holding events as accessible and easy as ever. There are 3 prestigious conference halls able to hold up to 600 persons. By being open minded and communicating with other tenants around you, you might unlock the door to hosting potential events that will benefit your company, your neighbour and the co-working space you occupy.

Future Opportunities

You never know when an opportunity may arise, your neighbours might eventually need something from your company. By initiating contact and gaining your work neighbours’ trust, you will be the first one they come to for business opportunities. But make sure these neighbours don’t take advantage of you!

Chance to make new friends

You can never make too many friends, who knows, maybe you will gain a new best through work collaborations. In the case of a co-working space, tenants befriending other tenants means that the co-working space you occupy itself will organically grow a real community through your bonds with other tenants. This will create an environment that will give you the motivation to come and work hard every day because you love the people around you.

So there you go, our tips on why you should look to collaborate at work. A co-working space’s purpose is to facilitate you so that it opens up possibilities for you to grow, and that includes growing by collaborating, so please do so.

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