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Why you need innovative office design for yourself and your employee?

1. Effective use of space

Are your office is designed in the most effective use of space? How?

Desk sharing

It can be very useful for staff working flexibly and mobility. Staff can move frequently around to carry out their work in different area on office. For example, staff can access to a variety space for meeting including meeting rooms, living room, pantry area (breakout areas) and dining hall, as well as shared desks which they can use a ‘touch down’ work station.

Accessibility of Wireless Internet and IT team support

So one can move around easily with their laptop and carrying out their different day-to-day tasks more effectively.

What important?

When staffs can access to different spaces which allow for concentration, creativity and collaboration

2. Productivity

Are you and your employees waiting for the work days to end? Shall you make office space more alive?

Having the plant

In 2014, a research team in the United Kingdom found that having plant in the office boosted productivity by up to 15 percent, along with increasing workplace satisfaction and how engaged employees felt with their work.

Natural light

According to a 2003 California Energy Commission proved that office workers who had been exposed to natural lighting within their offices enhance the average worker’s mood allowing more productivity and creativity as well as their concentration and short-term memory.

3. Collaboration

How to drive your employee working towards to achieve the same goals?

Open-area with quite zone

While open-concept offices can encourage collaboration, it can also distract and reduce productivity. So, there should be a place that can hold multiple employees at one time and staffs can concentrate their tasks without interruptions.

Shared space on functional centrality

Rather than focusing on the position of one employee in relation to another, designing spaces with functional in mind can organically increase interactions. For example, well-stocked kitchen will let people relax and socialize during breaks. A printer and photocopier area will let different people from different departments mingle over a shared machine

Glowfish Offices has emphasized in designing its space for maximum collaboration, meaning that employees can fully optimise their productivitiy through a selection of diverse personnel at Glowfish, with talent waiting to be discovered.

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