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Plastic Pollution - How We Can All Help Out

Why Going Green is Important for Co-working spaces

As we know, plastic pollution has become a major concerning issue in today’s world. But we can all consciously or subconsciously be taking this for granted from how we live our lives on a daily basis.

Here are some mind-blowing facts on plastic

1. 73% of beach litter is plastic (globally)

2. Roughly around 1 million plastic bottles are bought per minute! (globally)

3. Roughly 2 million plastic bags are used per minute! (globally)

4. Approximately 1.1 million animals are killed by plastic related issues every year

5. Approximately 8.3 billion tons of plastic have been manufactured since the 1950s

These are stats that can be found anywhere, meaning that despite people acknowledging these worrying facts on plastic, why are we still reluctant to change the way we approach our lives in terms of reducing the use of plastic? A study from national geographic suggests that less than a fifth of all plastic used globally are recycled. This means that since the 1950s, the amount of plastic recycled has been less than 1.6 billion tons out of 8.3 billion tons, put that into perspective for a second.

Public awareness is not the issue here, so what is it that’s stopping us from improving ourselves to save the environment. Maybe it’s just because you simply do not know how to help out, even if it is a small part. Start out not necessarily with reducing plastic, but just steps on saving energy in your office.

Here are some tips to get you started

1. Bring your own bags to grocery (and other types)

2. Bring your own cups/glasses to coffee shops

3. Be aware and put you recyclable goods in the recycle trash/bins

4. Stop buying bottled water – instead bring your own bottles to refill water every time you need a drink

5. Spread the Awareness – Tell people to help out

Hopefully, after you’ve read this, you are more willing to start reducing plastic pollution because although it may not seem that apparent to you now, in the long-term, the effects could be severe. So why not start now?

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