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FAQs (Sathorn Phase 2)

Many of you may have heard that we have just opened up our latest branch, Glowfish Sathorn Phase 2. In case you didn’t know about it, here are some frequently asked questions for you!

How many offices are there in total?

There is a total of 60 serviced offices available

Where is Glowfish Sathorn Phase 2 located?

Floor 19 and 20 at Sathorn Nakorn Tower (Right next to Glowfish Sathorn!)

When does Sathorn Phase 2 open and close?

Glowfish Sathorn Phase 2 is open 24/7 and the staff will operate from 8.00 AM - 5.30 PM

Are there meeting rooms available for use?

There are 2 meeting rooms available. Tenants also get the incentive of using Glowfish Asoke + Sathorn meeting rooms as well.

What other amenities do Sathorn Phase 2 provide?

A café, a pantry area and nap rooms

What are the rental options?

We have rooms of various sizes, therefore prices will vary, please contact Glowfish Sathorn reception for more information please contact 02-109-9600 (Sathorn)

What services do you offer tenants once contract has been made?

Post/Mail Handling, Printing Services, and CCTV cameras and cleaning staff.

What is the parking policy for drivers?

2-Hour Parking Stamp, with additional costs depending on hours. Monthly parking space available for 2,300 THB/month

Is Glowfish Sathorn Phase 2 accessible on weekends?

Yes if you own a Glowfish Keycard, moreover, air-conditioning and lighting will operate as usual

What are the differences between Glowfish Sathorn and Glowfish Sathorn Phase 2?

Glowfish Sathorn Phase 2 focuses mainly on providing high-quality serviced offices with a more limited range of facilities whereas Glowfish Sathorn acts both as an office provider as well as various other things (event venue, dining space). The great thing is that Glowfish Sathorn Phase 2 members will have full access to Glowfish Sathorn’s facilities and vice versa

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