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Defining Who You Are at Your Workplace – Why Not Take a Personality Test?

Working in an office whether big or small means that you are going have to meet all different kinds of people from every corner of the country. This is why it is important to know who and how you can build relationships with your colleagues.

For me personally, it is very important to like your work, why do something that you’re not passionate about? We all have the choice to do what we like. Especially at a younger age, you still have the time to explore who you are, regardless of what you may have learnt in university. Remember that it is never too late to follow your dream.

Happier When Work Suits You

Imagine being an extreme introvert but having to interact all with customers all the time. These people are usually not comfortable with communicating, but almost always have great confidence in their own work. For example, a graphic designer needs to make decisions on their own as they are specialists in their field where colleagues in other departments cannot make decisions for them, only able to give advice. This is a perfect example of how to uses your strength to enhance your work productivity regardless of the type of person you are.

Every Person is Different

How do you determine who you actually are? There are various personality tests you can easily take that can tell you how you differ from your colleagues and vice versa. These self-taken tests can evaluate a range of aspects including mind, energy, nature, tactics and identity. These things can give you a better understanding on who you are, what your strengths and weaknesses are in order to adapt or even improve yourself to fit in better at your workplace.

No Need to Change Yourself

Even if you work in the same department as someone with a completely contrasting personality, it does not mean you cannot work well together.

Different characteristics mean that you can excel in what the others can’t. Focus on your strongest characteristic towards your work to create a synergy level that will eventually improve productivity. For example, a sales person may use strategic methods to blend in rather than the conventional extrovert approaches.

Playing to Your Strengths

If you find yourself to be an extreme introvert, then you know that a sales job, one that requires extensive interactions between you and your customers, may not be the best job for you. A graphic designer’s introvert nature may suit them more where they need to make your own definitive decisions because they are specialists in their field.

Be Happy to Work

If you feel uncomfortable with the type of work you are assigned with, maybe try exploring other opportunities, take the personality test to see what kind of work may suit you. For me personally, being able to excel at work means that you have to love or at least like what you do. A study by Warwick University shows that happiness resulted in a 12% increase of productivity, whereas unhappy employees found themselves 10% less productive.

Personality Tests can be found on the following websites

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