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Updated: Jun 21, 2019

Co-working spaces are still somewhat enigmatic to some in terms of how people perceive them, mostly in a rather negative manner where people are reluctant to actually try out working in these spaces. Therefore we have decided to debunk these myths to clarify for you what co-working spaces can actually do for you and maybe get you more interested in going to work in what you may find more interesting and stimulating environments.

1. Co-Working Spaces are Noisy and Distracting

It is perceived that co-working spaces are always occupied with a high level of noise and chatter due to how it encourages collaborations and interactions. This is not true, all co-working spaces are designed to facilitate both extroverts and introverts. This means that you will always find areas with noise due to communications between entrepreneurial minded enthusiasts, but also more private, quieter areas for those who want to take time to properly concentrate on their work. Studies have shown that for most, the most productivity will come from varying where you work, switching between quiet and more noisy areas.

2. It’s Just like Renting a Standard Office. NO!

Due to the flexibility of various options you have business-wise within a co-working space, there are many advantages in working in a co-working space compared to a normal rental office. The ability to rely on other businesses willing to help around you, the flexibility of renting (hourly, daily, monthly), and the ease of managing scalability of your business give you substantial amounts of convenient options in how you can run your business.

3. Co-Working Spaces Only Facilitate Freelancers and Tech People

Although different co-working spaces may specialize in facilitating specific types of people, it doesn’t mean that they don’t encourage facilitating all types of people, on the contrary actually. By having a diverse range of people, it means that more opportunities can be potentially created due to the diverse nature of different minded individuals.

4. Co-Working Spaces Aren’t Suitable for Big Companies

Untrue, due to the variations between different co-working spaces in terms of architectural structural arrangement, there are co-working spaces that can facilitate big companies. It’s just about finding the right shared-space for your business. In fact, large enterprises will benefit from both having the convenience of private spaces and the exposure of opportunities created due to collaborations happening within the space.

5. Co-Working Spaces are Expensive

This could not any less true. The flexibility of options you have from starting small to scaling up as you see fit suggests that co-working spaces were born out of the need for saving costs as well as effective, efficient spaces. Start out renting hot-desks, then when you are able to expand, you will have the choice to scale up as you please.

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