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Career VS Romance – Balancing the Never Ending Battle

Take a minute to ask yourself, whether at this time of your life, what is more important to you, your work life or your love life. Most of you will probably say work comes first, but there is no need for one to have such an upper hand over the other. We think we can help you out where maintaining a good romantic relationship can align with a good work life.


Your priorities will change every day, whether having to stay late at work or having to make time for a special celebration as a couple. This doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice one for the other. Make it clear that you coming home late because of work doesn’t mean that work is more important than your other half.

The key here is whether you’re communication your values to your colleagues or significant other in the right way.

Don’t Forget Them

A day’s worth of hard work can go by quickly, therefore we are not wrong to forget to stay connected with our other half sometimes. But staying connected is a way to maintain a strong relationship. A text message during the day or a short phone call after lunch can go a long way.

Separate the Two

It is extremely important to keep your work life and love life separate. Work to your fullest ability during work hours then pour your heart out once you finally get time to spend with your other half. You can tell him/her all about your work day but don’t let it consume all of your conversations.

Plan, Plan, Plan

Managing your time is key, if you have a big project coming up in which you know will consume the whole of your next weekend, why not plan a small trip for you and your significant other the next weekend. Plan out your actions, show that you value both sides of your life. You’d be surprised how much smoother your life becomes with just a little bit of planning, not only on this issue but generally every aspect in life.


Lastly, evaluate your relationship and career situations, if you have tried to balance things out but things still seem wrong somehow, take a look of what is holding you back. If you end up working every weekend for ten weekends in a row, maybe rethink your job’s worth.

If your significant other just simply cannot understand why you need to be at work for the next 2 weekends even you’ve tried communicating this to them for the past 2 months, maybe rethink about the status of your relationship.

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