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Are you designing your office space efficiently? How to get the most out of your employees!

Are your employees working to their maximum potential at your office? If not, maybe reconsider how your office is set up. Here are some factors that may help your employees reach their maximum potential.


There are many factors that can affect your employees overall efficiency, such as the following.

Creating spaces for Interactions/Collaborations

Having a variety of spaces your employees can work enables your employees to be more exposed for collaborations. According to Forbes, it has been proven by a study by Jack P Callaghan that the average office-worker should sit for only 2 hours a day during an eight-hour workday. The modern office has to take this into account, prioritizing a unique, non-static design for their offices, enabling this. Design and set up your office so that employees need to walk around and communicate rather than sitting in their chairs all day.

Have a variety of work spaces to accommodate different work styles

Although this doesn’t mean that there shouldn’t be any private work spaces, studies have shown that different types of workers are able to excel in different work environments. For example, if you are a content writer, maybe you will need a private cubicle to concentrate for a couple of hours.

Make the Most out of Natural Lighting

Make sure you get the most out of natural lighting, according to David Spence’s article, ‘How Natural Lighting Promotes a Healthy Corporate Culture’, a study from a 2003 California Energy Commission proved that office workers who had been exposed to more natural lighting improved their concentration levels and short-term memory. This will also help you save up on your electricity bills!

Adjusting Room Temperatures and Scents

Most offices keep their temperature around 18-20 Celsius, studies have shown that maintaining a warmer temperature actually can improve the average person’s productivity. According to Heather Reese’s article, ‘Office Design Tricks That Will Increase Your Productivity at Work’, creating a soothing environment through scents is also effective in maximizing an employee’s performance. Here are some examples of how different scents can affect work performance:

1. Cinnamon – Improve Focus

2. Lavender – Relaxes People

3. Peppermint – Lifts one’s mood

4. Pine – Increase Alertness

So make sure you are constantly keeping an eye on how you want your office to smell!

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