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6 Tips on saving energy in the office

Every Little Helps, Start Saving Energy NOW!

As you may or may not know, climate change is a real thing! We cannot take global warming for granted and should all chip in to help out in any way we can. As businesses, there are a few things you should consider doing in order for to become greener.

Let’s get started

1. Keep Track of Temperatures In Your Office

Office hours may work differently for different types of businesses, for example co-working spaces normally operates for 24 hours meaning that there are times that you need to save energy. Increase the thermostat temperature to save energy or turn off air conditioning when you can. Not only are you helping the environment, your saving your own costs!

2. Turn Power Off

Never forget to turn off power once you finish your work or leave the office. One of the most common problems are power extension leads. I cannot stress how many times I’ve seen office workers forget to turn power off when everything is connected to a power extension, next time don’t forget to do so.

3. Consider Greener Options

This is self-explanatory, using renewable energy sources isn’t something new, consider it. Solar energy has never been more accessible, meaning that there is no reason your office should not take advantage of or at least consider.

4. Limit Use of Desktops

This is going to come organically due to the nature of the modern work-style. Office workers are a lot more mobile in terms of how they work, meaning that laptops would be much more suitable than desktop PCs.

5. Look for Energy Saving Office Equipment

Replace current office equipment with more energy efficient equipment whether computers or printers. This can be costly but definitely worth it in the long run both in terms of cost and uenvironmentally.

6. If You Can, Allow Employees to Dress Casually

Some might overlook how dressing casually can save energy. It allows you to set the temperature more efficiently as employees will be in more relaxed clothes. Why not dedicate one day for this, a perfect example would be casual Fridays, something that many international, well-renowned enterprises do.

These are just some tips to get you and your business started on helping out a little to make the world a little greener. Once you start, it will become second nature to you and your company.

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