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GLOWFISH Sathorn is surrounded by various excellent restaurants waiting for you to try out! We have selected five walking-distance restaurants around our office for you so that you can come relax and work at Glowfish as well as walk to these restaurants easily


Looking for an authentic Japanese Izakaya in Sathorn? Look no further than Teppen! Just around the corner from Glowfish Sathorn, Teppen offers traditional Japanese dishes as well as adding a modern take, creating a perfect combination for any Japanese food lovers. Teppen Sathorn is the perfect example of how Japanese Izakayas can be both enjoyable and dignified. It’s not just the food, but also how Teppens’ employees make you feel, cheering in unison, “Irrashaimase!” the Japanese phrase for ‘welcome’ every time a new customer walks in. Although some may think this is an unattractive feature in a restaurant, Teppen’s employees have a way of making it delightful and entertaining.

With authentic dishes like kettle rice or ‘Kamemashi’ as their signature, you will not be disappointed and will only be wanting to go back to Teppen.

Yee Jay Beef Noodles

Thai beef noodles originating from the the 1940s, where these noodles were originally served from boats that navigated through Bangkok’s waters.

Finding noodles within Bangkok is easy, but finding one that makes you keep coming back frequently doesn’t only require excellent taste, but a strong story and tradition behind those dishes. Yee Jay’s mouth-watering beef noodles made from.

With small bowls of noodles being served due to the historical accuracy and identity that has been maintained since the time boat noodles vendors on boats had to paddle, cook and serve the noodles.

Because there are an abundant amount of noodle shops in the Sathorn/Silom area, let alone in Bangkok, we have made sure to pick for you the best one around!


We can all agree that we get that once in a while unstoppable craving for something deep-fried! We assure you that Katsushin will relieve you of that hunger.

There are many mediocre Japanese food in Bangkok, especially of the immensely popular Tonkatsu kind (authentic Japanese deep-fried pork loins). Whether in department stores or authentic Japanese zones within BKK, finding the perfect Japanese restaurants, let alone Tonkatsu specialist seems impossible.

Accessible through walking distance (approx. 500 metres) from Glowfish Sathorn, Katsushin is bound to become your next favourite spot!

Not a big fan of pork? As well as their signature dish, the Rosu katsu Set consisting of a generous portion of the traditional deep-fried pork, Katsushin also offers other deep-friend meats, like salmon and tuna tailored to suit your food needs!

Katsushin’s Tonkatsu pork is indescribably exceptional, rivaled by no others due to its perfect balance of crispiness and tenderness.

Katsushin is always packed, so don’t forget to book before making you trip there for lunch or dinner!


If you’re looking to treat yourself for some excellent sushi around your Sathorn office, look no further than Sushi Mori! Located at Sathorn Square tower, this place boasts as one of the most popular Sushi restaurants in this area, due to its fair pricing and quality!

There are flexible options pricing-wise with an option to have a normal a-la-carte meal or to have the higher grade “Omakase” meal, where your meal experienced is designed entirely by Sushi Mori’s chefs, taking you on a culinary journey step-by-step!

At this restaurant, not only do they offer sashimi/sushi as the name implies, they also serve a bunch of traditional Japanese appetizers and main dishes, served with maximum freshness. There is also a wide selection of the immensely popular sushi ‘rolls’ ranging from salmon to unagi (Japanese eel) rolls.

Yong He Dou Jiang

Located just below Chong Nonsi BTS station, you can find a small yet delightful Chinese restaurant which serves quality traditional Chinese food for reasonably low prices!

There are various standout menus but one cannot deny that Yong He Dou Jiang’s famous dumplings are to die for. Whether the Xia Long Pao, Ha-Gao or the popular Kanom-Jeeb, you will find yourself ordering a towering stacks of dumplings! Although Yong He Dou Jiang is famous for their dumplings, this doesn’t mean that their other dishes are less appetizing! From condiments to balance your meal to authentic stir-fried vegetable dishes, braised pork belly so tender and their signature Szechuan Tofu, your experience at Yong He Dou Jiang will surely be unforgettable.

These are the five places that we have carefully selected out for you, so take time to try them out. We truly hope that you have a great experience!

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