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Glowfish Workplace Membership Privilege 2024

"New Year New Privileges, Happy 2024"

Glowfish Workplace would like to be the representative delivering special privileges from our kind-hearted neighbors to all Glowfish Members on this auspicious occasion of 'New Year New Privileges, Happy 2024!' We hope that the gifts from us, the Glowfish Workplace community, will be a part of making your work life and life within the Glowfish Community more enjoyable and comfortable!

theCOMMONS Saladaeng offers a 10% discount to all Glowfish Members at participating stores. Simply present your Glowfish card before ordering, from today until December 31, 2024.

Sarnies Group, including Sarnies Bangkok, Sarnies Sukhumvit, Sarnies Roastery, Sarnies Sourdough, and Pimp my Salad, offers a 10% discount to all Glowfish Members. Just show your Glowfish card before ordering. No expiration date.

At Glowfish Sathorn | Dining Hall, we continue to offer great discounts, such as 10% off at RICO’S and Boat Noodles, 10% off at Shari Shari, and up to 65% off at AVANTI Wellness (until December 29, 2024). In general, these discounts are available from today until December 31, 2024.

Glowfish x Pergo, Subscription Program offers an exclusive discount on ergonomic chair rental subscriptions to all Glowfish Members. (If interested, please contact the reception.)




Follow @goodafterwork now for more community related privileges!

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