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1st POP ROCK ROLL Charity Concert | The Voice Foundation

Reflecting on the fun and memorable memories created at the 1st POP ROCK ROLL Charity Concert hosted by The Voice Foundation x Glowfish Workplace. Not only did we revel in the delightful performances by โตโน่ & The Dust, ปู Blackhead, จิ๊บ วสุ & จ๊ะจ๋า พริมรตา, อู๋ ธรรพ์ณธร, Y2Rock, but we also came together to extend our love to those in need – our furry friends. For those unable to attend yet longing to contribute, please reach out to @thevoicefoundation . Your kindness will make a world of difference to these precious animals.


Call now: 02-109-9600

Glowfish Sathorn อาคารสาธรธานี 2 ชั้น 2

Line @glowfish หรือคลิก


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