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Frequently Asked Questions





Conference Hall

 Where can I find information on Glowfish Products and Facilities?


         Information on our products and services can be found on 

How do I travel to Glowfish?


        Glowfish is located at Sathorn Thani Building, which is connected to BTS Chongnonsi Exit 2

What kind of events do you host?


        Networking, Seminars, Product Launches, Press Conferences, Concerts and many more! Our facilities enable us to host a diverse range of events.

How is Glowfish better than a traditional office space?


        Glowfish offers not only business, but lifestyle facilities putting an emphasis on work/life balance. Our space also encourage collaborations and interactions, hence creating more opportunities for our customers.

What amenities do Glowfish offer?


        We provide Conference Halls, Meeting Rooms, Serviced Offices, Co-working Areas, Fitness Studios and a large Dining Hall and showers! Our Internet is also stable and extremely fast!

Are there discounts or promotions?


        Yes, we provide various discounts and offers throughout the year, please check our website and social media channels to update on our offers!

Is there parking at Glowfish?


        Yes, the first two hours is free with Glowfish’s stamp. The cost may vary depending on how long you stay at Glowfish after the first two hours

Is Glowfish accessible for 24-hours?


       Of course, but our staff will only operate from 8.30 – 17.30

What additional Services do Glowfish provide to its customers?


       Post/Mail Handling, Phone Handling Services, CCTV

How much do the Conference Halls cost?


        You can visit for prices and floor plans

What is the maximum capacity for the Conference Halls?


        Our conference can fit up to approximately 500 persons

Is Food allowed in the conference halls?


        Food is allowed, whether from our catering services or from outside organis   



What amenities do Glowfish provide with the conference Halls


        Our conference halls are equipped with high-quality lighting and sound systems and a 3 LED Screen

Serviced Offices

What are the prices and sizes of the serviced offices


       Please contact Glowfish Reception for information on prices

Do you have month-to-month options?


        Our minimum contract policy is 3-months

How do you book/reserve a serviced office


        Please contact Glowfish Reception for more information

What benefits do Glowfish provide when renting a serviced office


        Daily cleaning services. Free coffee and tea. Free high-speed internet. 24/7 access by keycard. Separate lighting and air-conditioning for each room. Reception service.

6 hours of Glowfish Sathorn’s meeting rooms per month

What is the termination policy?


        Glowfish will not return the deposit if a tenant moves out before the contractual agreement end date

Co Working Space

Dining Space

Do I get my own private storage to keep my belongings?


        There are various packages for our co-working areas, some packages will come with your own personal storage space

Are there areas I can sit in not including my rented desk


        Yes, to give you a sense of a community, we provide lounge areas where you can relax, meet and work

What are the options for one/hot desks?


       We have both personal desks with personal storage and daily hot desks

Are there any food or drinks provided?


       Yes, we provide complimentary coffee and tea

What are the functions of the Dining Hall?


        The functions are very flexible, either for just working, meeting or even events.

Is the food of variety?


        Yes, we have 5 vendors available, come see yourself!

Are there any fees for using the Dining Hall?


        Absolutely NOT, anyone can come use the dining hall at any time

How many people can the Dining Hall facilitate


        Due to the flexibility of our furniture, we can fit up to 250 persons depending on how the furniture is set


Tel : (+66)2-109-9600

E-mail :

Line : @glowfish

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